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May 27, 2024 at 9:03 AM
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AaronAmat / Getty Images/iStockphoto

With inflation still a major issue and the cities of California getting more and more expensive, people are fleeing for new locations. One of those people is Sarah Jones, who left her job as a librarian in Burbank and decided to move to Las Vegas.

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Living in California had always been her dream, but the longer she stayed in Los Angeles, the more it became a nightmare. She knew she’d be leaving behind beaches and taking a pay cut, but she says it was more than worth it.

Here’s why one person left for Vegas with a smaller salary, a bigger home and a richer life.

The Financial Reality

Jones said goodbye to her library job and started working IT from home.

“Sure, I’m making $12,000 less a year,” she said. “But you know what? My money goes a lot further here in Vegas. In California, I was spending so much just on rent — I even had to rent a parking spot for my car! Now, I can afford a bigger place and still have money to save and have fun. My mom is so proud of me for finally saving money!”

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A Home To Call Her Own

Sarah always dreamed of owning a home, but it felt difficult at best and impossible at worst in California.

“My rent was truly sucking the life force out of me,” she said. “But when I moved to Vegas, I was able to buy a house that’s legit twice the size of my tiny apartment in LA. And the mortgage is so much less than my rent was! I never thought I’d own a home, but I do. And, honestly? I love it. My vegetable garden is popping off!”

Escaping the Commuter Life

When Sarah lived in L.A., she hated her commute. “I spent, on average, literally two hour on my drives to and from work.”

However, Sarah’s commute in Las Vegas is nonexistent because she can afford to work from home. “Now, I just walk from my bed to my home office — that’s right, I have a home office!” she said.

A Better Work-Life Balance

Sarah has found a better balance in her work and life since moving to Las Vegas.

“Not gonna lie, I felt like I was working all the time just to keep my head above water,” she said. “I just have more free time now — and money to work with! I bought a used camera on eBay and started photographing the desert and I’m really into all the little pockets of unusual culture in Vegas. I’m into it.”

Embracing a New Community

Moving was definitely an adjustment for Sarah, and she thinks that meeting new people made that adjustment easier. Plus, her family is located near Utah, so seeing them is even easier than when she lived in LA.

“Everyone here is next-level nice,” she said. “It’s almost weird. But in a good way! We have block parties and community events all the time.”

No Regrets

Sarah has zero regrets about leaving California for Las Vegas.

“Yes, I took a pay cut, but I’m just a ton happier now,” she said. “I have more money and more time — as the kids say, I’m thriving. I didn’t think I was a ‘Vegas’ type, but it turns out I totally am.”

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