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The Property Brothers are heading to court after a Las Vegas couple sued the HGTV show for allegedly damaging their house during their renovation. In May 2024, In Touch confirmed that a Sin City home was placed on Chapter 40 due to its hazardous plumbing and more.

Inside the ‘Property Brothers’ Lawsuit

In 2018, newlyweds Paul King and Mindy King paid Property Brothers hosts Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott $192,000 to upgrade their house. Following the renovations, the transformation was beautiful on the outside, ​but the home was rotting from within.

Three years after the oncamera renovation, the Kings filed a Clark County District Court lawsuit against the show’s production company, Cineflix. The couple took legal action after the Property Brothers allegedly ignored their attempt at contact.

In the filing, Paul and Mindy claimed that the show wasn’t granted access to perform the renovations in Nevada, which allegedly landed in the hiring of construction firm Villa Construction.

“Not only have Defendants have failed to meet the basic contractual requirements owed to Mr. and Ms. King, Defendants willfully and intentionally pulled the rug out from under them while they were blinded by the wool over their eyes – all while each of the Defendants profited, and continue to profit, from their unlawful conduct,” the lawsuit read.

According to the documents, the King residence was given multiple building code violations after their pricy renovation. Unsafe wires were allegedly exposed, while sewage leaked into their cabinets. Additionally, their dishwasher was “deemed a biohazard and removed by a hazmat company” after it was using recycled garbage disposal water during the wash cycles.

According to the King’s contract with Cineflix, they are entitled to $5,000 for each day that issues weren’t resolved past after the May 2019 renovation.

“Yeah, our house looks good when you walk in, because they built a TV set. But, it’s what you can’t see that is dangerous,” Mindy King told 8 News Now in Las Vegas on May 6, 2024. “Sludge and sewer were leaking out, disintegrating the cabinet,” she said opening the cabinets under the sink. “When you’re in a doctor’s office, and HGTV is on, I have to go up and ask them to change the channel. We can’t watch any HGTV shows ever.”

Are Drew and Jonathan Scott Named in the Lawsuit?

The TV personality brothers were not named in the lawsuit. However, the Kings also revealed that they are “considering” adding Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew to the lawsuit.

When Will The Property Brothers Go to Court?

A jury trial is set to begin in October 2024.

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