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Professional headshot of Clem Ziroli III, a 25-year-old Real Estate Asset Manager and Investor, posing confidently in a suit, representing expertise in real estate, politics, and the economy.

Clem Ziroli III, Real Estate Asset Manager and Investor.

Meet Clem Ziroli III, Las Vegas’ 25-year-old rising star in the real estate and political arenas.

Affordable housing isn’t just a goal; it’s a necessity. We need innovative solutions to make homeownership accessible and affordable for everyone.”

— Clem Ziroli III

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, June 4, 2024 / — Las Vegas, NV — Clem Ziroli III is making waves in both the real estate and political arenas, establishing himself as a dynamic and influential figure. With a proven track record in facilitating millions of dollars in real estate transactions and managing over 600,000 square feet of commercial, industrial, and residential properties nationwide, Clem is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

As a founder of Battle Born Acquisitions, a real estate investment and holdings company specializing in lien, foreclosure, and distressed property acquisitions, Clem has demonstrated exceptional business acumen and a keen eye for profitable opportunities. His ability to navigate complex real estate landscapes and deliver results has positioned Clem Ziroli III as a trusted name in the real estate market.

Beyond his real estate ventures, Clem is stepping into the political spotlight, running for the Nevada Assembly in District 34. His political journey began with his involvement in Congressman Cresent Hardy’s campaign, where he developed a passion for public service and a deep understanding of the political landscape. Now, he aims to bring his business expertise and community-focused vision to the Nevada Assembly, advocating for affordable housing, education reform, and reducing government spending and red tape for businesses.

Clem’s academic background in Political Science, earned at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, underpins his commitment to making a positive impact. His education, coupled with hands-on experience in real estate and asset management, equips him with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing his community.

“I believe in the power of fresh ideas and energetic leadership,” says Ziroli. “Our generation is ready to lead. It’s time to take the GOP and the Republican Party back from those who have mishandled it for so long. We need energy and fresh ideas if we’re going to fix our country.”

As Clem Ziroli III continues to expand his real estate business and ventures into politics, he remains dedicated to making a meaningful difference for Americans. His focus on affordable housing, education reform, and efficient governance reflects his vision for a better future.

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