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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The next Las Vegas mayor will emerge from a pool of 14 candidates on the June 11 primary ballot.

The leading candidates are political insiders who praise the efforts of Oscar and Carolyn G. Goodman, who each served three four-year terms in the office. A Goodman has been mayor since the early days of the 21st century, an impressive 24-year run that began with snickering about Oscar’s reputation as a mob mouthpiece and closes with a solid record of downtown development that will continue into a new mayor’s first term.

Former Congresswoman Shelley Berkley leads polls, with Las Vegas City Council members Victoria Seaman and Cedric Crear also earning support. But the majority of voters (56%) polled by 8 News Now in early April were undecided, leaving the door wide open.

If one candidate earns more than 50.0% of the vote, he or she will win outright. Otherwise, the top two candidates will advance to the general election on Nov. 5. It’s a nonpartisan race, with no designation of the candidate’s political party.

An 8 News Now debate on May 23 (above) provides insight into positions held by Berkley, Seaman and Crear, but here’s a look at all of the candidates in the non-partisan primary election on Tuesday, June 11. Click on the candidate’s name to see their campaign website:

Kola Akingbade
A real estate broker born in Nigeria, Akingbade’s website says he wants to legalize prostitution to generate new funding for housing. Clark County currently outlaws prostitution. He also promotes diversifying the economy with family tourist attractions such as water parks and theme parks. “Six Flags Magic Mountain, Disney Vegas will definitely compete with Orlando and Los Angeles. Make the theme park areas a non-gambling area,” according to Akingbade’s website.

Tera Anderson
A business-minded, results-oriented approach is Anderson’s goal for Las Vegas. “Nearly a third-generation Las Vegan” with a record of civic engagement serving on several community boards, Anderson wants to bring fresh ideas to city government. “The rising cost of living, lack of accessible housing, plummeting graduation rates, rising crime rates, and overly burdensome business regulations in our city require immediate and urgent attention. These are problems that can be solved,” according to her website.

Lynn Baird
With 30 years experience including 10 years as manager for the Nevada Employment Security Division in Las Vegas, Baird is active in the LDS church. His platform is heavy on family-oriented solutions to community problems. On housing, Baird suggests a property tax break for home buyers, exploring some form of rent control, and an effort to stop corporate control of housing. He’s tough on crime and wants stricter enforcement.

Shelley Berkley
Well known for her political experience serving seven terms in the U.S. House representing Congressional District 1, Berkley has a long record of public service. She was CEO at at Touro University Western Division after that. A Goodman supporter through the years, Berkley identifies five primary issues in the race: crime, affordable housing, economic growth, homelessness and resolving the dispute over development at the former Badlands golf course. She vows to give Metro police the resources they need.

Dan Chapman
A businessman and U.S. Army veteran, Chapman lists education, safety, economic development and housing as important issues in the mayor’s race. He emphasizes school safety and says collaboration is needed with law enforcement. He also pledges to bring trade schools to Las Vegas. He also intends to step up enforcement of traffic laws.

Cedric Crear
Standing up for neighbors is a central theme in Crear’s campaign, built on his record as Ward 5 councilman. He brings experienced leadership and community involvement. Crear would be the city’s first Black mayor and the first born in the city. His initiatives include workforce development through the Westside Workforce Center, establishing the HUNDRED (Historic Urban Neighborhood Design Redevelopment) Plan for the city’s Historic Westside and Las Vegas Reinvent Schools initiative, focusing on expanding services for students at 13 schools.

Irina Hansen
A Romanian-born immigrant who has been in Las Vegas since 1998, Hansen owns a small business and works as a Realtor. Her website details her thoughts on economic growth, government principles, public safety, the homeless crisis, opportunities for veterans, programs for seniors and education. She cites experiences with the Las Vegas family court system as a motivator for running for mayor.

Kara “KJ” Jenkins
Specializing in mediation and conflict resolution, Jenkins is currently Administrator to the Nevada Equal Rights Commission. She cites experience in overseeing government programs and lays out objectives that include fair and balanced problem solving, job development, affordable housing solutions, support of green initiatives, balanced community policing, supporting trade and tourism, promoting worker safety and engaging experts on public health preparedness.

Eric Medlin
A small business owner, Medlin dismisses politics and says he will bring common sense to the job. His platform centers on solving the homeless crisis and housing affordability. He says Clark County’s entire education system needs an overhaul to bring innovative teaching methods and investments in education to ensure children’s success. He also identifies a need to improve neighborhood infrastructure. “Day one in office, I will get rid of those ridiculous pointless cones,” according to his website.

Donna G. Miller
Public safety, economic development and health care are the main platforms in Miller’s campaign. She is a transport nurse with more than 20 years of experience in building and leading medical transport organizations. Funding for police and public safety with an emphasis on reducing crime is one of her biggest priorities. She points to the Las Vegas Medical District as a major opportunity for economic development and jobs.

Michael Pacino
After a 30-year career in film and TV, Pacino lists public safety, infrastructure, housing solutions, economic vitality and community activation as objectives if he becomes Las Vegas mayor. Pacino wants increased funding for police and more staffing for first responders. He wants to expand mass transit and upgrade aging city facilities, as well as develop a master plan for annexation. Innovation is needed to solve the housing crisis, and Pacino would pursue funding opportunities and partnerships, among other initiatives.

Deb Peck
A Las Vegas native with family roots going back to 1939, Peck’s website says she will support local businesses and maintain peace throughout the city through four initiatives. First, she will increase police presence. Next, she will improve fiscal responsibility in the city and help local businesses grow. She will also work on school safety for children and teacher. Finally, Peck says she will implement programs to decrease the homeless population.

Victoria Seaman
With experience in the Nevada Assembly before she was elected to represent Las Vegas Ward 2, Seaman lists public safety as her top priority, backing more severe penalties for violent and organized crimes. She backs police funding with an emphasis on fixing distressed areas and support for more recovery and mental health services. She also prioritizes transportation projects, expansion of homeless services at The Courtyard, affordable housing, continuing efforts to bring a stand-alone children’s hospital to Las Vegas, and a fresh start with a new partner at the animal shelter.

William “Dock” Walls, III
A 14-year Las Vegas resident, Walls says he is the most qualified candidate to for Las Vegas mayor based on his experience working alongside Chicago Mayor Harold Washington, who served from 1983 to 1987. “As mayor, my plan for Las Vegas is not just to lead, but to transform our beloved city into the ‘City of Light,’ a hub of innovation and vitality. My comprehensive 24-point plan is designed to modernize infrastructure, enhance our education system, and create a booming technology epicenter right here in Las Vegas,” according to his website.

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