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LAS VEGAS — You don’t have to gamble to be a high roller in Las Vegas, you just have to have a healthy appreciation for heights.

Just this past year, Kansas City hopped on board of the Ferris wheel trend hitting cities across the country by opening KC Wheel at Pennway Point, which provides views of downtown from 150 feet in the air.

KC Wheel

Provided by KC Wheel
KC Wheel

Las Vegas’ Ferris wheel, High Roller, opened in 2014 and offers heights greater than Kansas City’s at 550 feet above the Las Vegas Strip.

It’s the tallest Ferris wheel in North America and the second largest in the world, and takes half an hour just to make one trip around the amusement ride.

“Our daytime is beautiful views of all the mountains that surround Las Vegas, and at nighttime we have awesome views of the Sphere and the Las Vegas Strip, and all the properties on the Las Vegas Strip,” said Marie Salazar, with High Roller.

High Roller
Views from the High Roller Ferris wheel in Las Vegas.

But Salazar explained some people use the Ferris wheel for reasons other than the ride.

“I came and explained to you how many weddings we do a day; it’s very monumental, people love the views, people love the pictures, we have weddings all the time,” Salazar said.

The cabins are spacious enough for a 40-person capacity limit, although Salazar said High Roller usually cuts off admission before it hits capacity at around 20 to 25 people, perfect for a small wedding.

High Roller even offers something it calls “happy half hour” where visitors can rent a cabin with a bartender.

Employees with High Roller said February usually lies in its slow season, although the Super Bowl has provided a boost in tourism for Las Vegas and business is steady this week at the attraction.

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