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A high-rise hotel has been proposed near the Las Vegas Strip to cater to the Jewish community.

Documents submitted to Clark County detail plans for the King David Hotel, which would be located at 3601 Vegas Plaza Drive, directly to the north of The Mirage and west of Treasure Island.

After finding out about local company Vegas Circle, LLC’s plans to build the 46-story tall King David Hotel at the site of the Villa De Flores apartments, local Rabbi Yossi Shuchat says he was elated knowing there would be a closer, more centralized location for members of the Jewish community.

“I think it is a great place. Anywhere near the Strip would be great because that is where all the conventions happen, so anywhere near there that would be great,” said Or Bamidbar Chabad Sephardic Synagogue Rabbi, Yossi Shuchat.

Plans for the 648-foot-tall hotel include 486 rooms, banquet halls, a day spa, and even a synagogue just feet from Las Vegas Boulevard. Rabbi Shuchat says as the Bamidbar Chabad Sephardic Synagogue being one of the closest synagogues to the Strip, many tourists trek more than an hour on foot to attend religious services.

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“On the Sabbath, we are not allowed to drive. So religious people they walk to the synagogue. Also, there are a lot of restrictions using electricity on the sabbath. Everything has to stay on from before the sabbath. So people have issues with electronic keys for the rooms so if there is a hotel that would work with them and have regular keys and everything that is needed it will be much more comfortable for them,” said Rabbi Shuchat.

Planning documents also state the hotel would include parking at the base of the resort, with five subterranean levels and seven above-ground levels, according to the documents.

In a justification letter sent to the county’s planning division, attorneys for the developer RK Vegas Circle LLC wrote that the King David Hotel’s amenities would be “aligned with the Jewish faith and culture,” including kosher restaurants. “People always have to drive to them, so if there is a hotel that also has a kosher restaurant in it, it will just make life easier for those people,” Rabbi Shuchat said.

RK Vegas Circle has applied for waivers to develop the hotel, though county staff members wrote that they have concerns with those requests, citing issues with parking and pedestrian traffic.

“When the numerous waiver requests including reduced parking, reduced setbacks, alternative landscaping, modified street, and design standards are taken into consideration, staff cannot support the design reviews as the site is being overbuilt,” county staff wrote in their recommendation.

The proposal for the King David Hotel was on the agenda for Wednesday’s Clark County Zoning Commission meeting, but it was tabled until June 5.

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